Case Studies

Mikael - Bristol

Portrait of Mikael, who got his life back after bath network chiropractor Dr Thomasina help him with two torn spainal discs

Mikael Willett, 34, from Bristol, is a DJ and music producer with Metalheadz. He was diagnosed with two torn discs in his lower back. It caused agonising spasms and at times he was unable to walk. He had to turn away work because of the lack of mobility and pain - despite taking pain killers. But after just five sessions with Dr Thomasina he said he started to ‘get his life back’.

Mikael - Bristol

1. Why did you decide you needed help? I had done several manual jobs, including ten years as a self-employed tiler. I think I injured my back during the work, which led to really bad back pain. I had spasms which would leave me screaming in pain and I even lost my balance because of it. I was on heavy pain killers, but sometimes I was unable to leave the house. I didn’t walk for four days on one occasion. I also had to turn away work and lost out on a lot of money.

2. Why did you decide to use Dr Thomasina? A former work colleague recommended her. I didn’t want an intrusive treatment and this seemed to fit the bill.

3. How has Dr Thomasina’s treatment benefited you? After five sessions I saw a noticeable difference and would say the pain was halved. Before, I could barely walk and couldn’t sit in a car or train for any amount of time. But now I’m able to tour with my DJing again and have been as far as the Czech Republic. I’ve got my life back together.

4. Would you recommend Dr Thomasina? Most definitely.

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