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Melissa Warren

portrait of `Melissa', whose pain improved after working with Bath Uk based chiropractor Thomasina Craster

Bristol police officer Melissa Warren, 43, suffered from severe back ache and headaches for years and had to take painkillers daily.

She suffered injuries following a head-on crash in the line of duty a year ago

The busy mum of two was also later diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. The condition, sometimes known as the ‘working mum’s syndrome,’ occurs when adrenal glands are overworked and leaves people feeling generally unwell and tired.

Melissa struggled to sleep, felt drained and was often snappy with her family.
She visited the doctors and tried anything from osteopathy, to traditional chiropractic treatment to massages – but nothing relieved her pain.

After just a couple of months of regular sessions with Dr Thomasina, the headaches have stopped, the pain is greatly relieved and she said she feels like ‘a tight ball which has unravelled’.

She now sleeps well, is able to exercise more and is generally more relaxed. Most importantly, she said her relationship with her husband and children has improved.

Melissa Warren

1. Why did you decide you needed help?

My pace of life was constant – I was running the house, looking after two young children and working in a demanding job. I was busy 24/7. My neck, back and jaw ached, I was that tense. It felt like I was clenching my body the whole time and I was like a tight ball.

2. How did your condition affect your everyday life?

I had headaches and my neck and back hurt all the time to the point I had to take paracetamol and ibuprofen almost every day.
I struggled to sleep at night and felt drained. It affected my lifestyle as I couldn’t exercise because my back ached.
I became short tempered with my husband and children and had little patience. Sometimes I just felt tearful, even if I didn’t show it.

3. Why did you decide to use Dr Thomasina?

I’d been to the doctor and he asked if I was depressed, but I knew I was happy with my life – with a loving family and great job. On the doctor’s recommendations, I tried osteopaths, traditional chiropractic treatment and masseuses, but I still felt in pain. Then a friend recommended I try Dr Thomasina. She has fibromyalgia (a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body) and said it helped her a lot. I wasn’t sure if I had fibromyalgia too. Shortly after, I was also diagnosed with a prolapsed disc, which is a loss of intervertebral disc space and can cause nerve entrapments and pain.

4. How did you find the treatment?

Within a short space of time, Dr Thomasina recognised I had adrenal fatigue. At first I was sceptical about the treatment as it wasn’t like a massage where you could feel the work being done. It didn’t feel painful, but over time I felt myself physically and mentally ‘unwinding’.

5. How has the Dr Thomasina’s treatment benefited you?

My shoulders had been rounded and my hips were out of line, but I was soon realigned. I can exercise again, my sleep patterns are better and I feel much more relaxed.

The exercises have greatly helped my lower back pain and I’m no longer on painkillers. I felt like a tight ball, now I feel like I’ve been completely unwound.

The most important thing is the way I now am with my husband and children. I am a lot calmer and can cope with life much better.

6. Would you recommend Dr Thomasina?

I can’t thank Dr Thomasina enough. She has a lovely, calming nature and I would recommend her to all working mums.

7. Anything to add?

During one session I had a weird feeling in my stomach, all the way to the top of my head and down. It felt like a Catherine wheel in motion. Dr Thomasina said it was my ‘chakra,’ an energy centre in our body in which energy flows through. I am usually sceptical about such things, but all I can say is that I’d never felt anything like it. It felt like a great release.

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