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Julian Tutt

portrait of `Julian', who was cured of back, neck and shoulder pain after working with Bath Uk based network and SRI chiropractor Thomasina Craster

Julian Tutt is a former RAF paratrooper who fractured his vertebrae at the age of 21 when his parachute failed to fully open during a night training exercise from 700ft.

The married father of two, who went on to become an army helicopter pilot then BBC commentator, believes he was fortunate not to have been paralysed.

He then injured himself several times during his sporting career as a skier with the RAF. In 1976, he dislocated his shoulder while competing in the Inter Service races in Austria.

The broadcaster with European Tour Productions, whose golf commentary is aired on TV worldwide outside of the UK, later suffered from lower back and neck disc problems.

Julian had tried a range of treatments when he finally came across Dr Thomasina, who he credits with providing him with long lasting relief.

Julian Tutt

1. Why did you decide you needed help?

I had constant lower back and neck pains. I had general wear and tear from my accidents and manning a helicopter, which is a heavily vibrating machine, while wearing a heavy helmet.

I had visited osteopaths and traditional chiropractors in the past, but it only relieved symptoms in the short term.

I was also diagnosed with a couple of slipped discs, which meant damaged discs were pressing on nerves, and it caused pain and affected my neck and arms.

2. How did your condition affect your everyday life?

I had been a professional golfer and played a lot of sport and my condition sometimes affected my ability to play. At times my back spasmed and I would walk like an old man.

I had round, sagging shoulders and a twisted skeleton and there were times I would be doubled up in pain.

3. Why did you decide to use Thomasina?

I had met Dr Thomasina at networking events at around the same time I was diagnosed with a couple of slipped discs. I was interested in her work and decided to try it.

4. How did you find the treatment?

Dr Thomasina found I was out of balance and I was lopsided on one side by 7 kilos. But this was relieved quickly and I was soon realigned.
The treatment was like having electric currents sent through the body. The concept behind the treatment is to train the body to heal itself.

I always preferred to have medical treatment alone and initially struggled with the idea of having treatment in a group. But I quickly got used to it and realised there was a beneficial energy there.

There was also considerable emotional outpouring during the treatment. It seems to bring out past glories and sadness. It seems the past impacts on the skeleton and at times I would be in floods of tears, then other times I would be laughing.

5. What results did you get?

It’s quite easy to dismiss this treatment as ‘hocus pocus,’ but I know from experience it genuinely works. It’s had a massive impact on me.
My body is now completely realigned, my shoulders are square and I am much less prone to back   spasms. I am also much more mobile.

My condition is chronic but this treatment trains the body to heal itself. As a result, I have much longer periods of time where I am not in any pain and do not need to see anybody for treatment.

I can just do SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration) breathing exercises before I go to bed and I wake up feeling fine.

6. How have these results benefited you?

Five days a week I carry fairly heavy radio equipment and walk seven to ten miles on course, which undoubtedly makes the condition worse. But.Dr Thomasina’s work allows me to carry on working.

SRIs go into issues in life which can impact on the physical body. Since we started working through these, it’s freed up my nervous system and mental attitude as well.

I am certainly able to enjoy a better quality of life with my children as a result of the treatment. I play football, hockey and tennis with them, which was becoming increasingly difficult to do.

7. Would you recommend Thomasina?

I’m a real fan of Dr Thomasina’s work and would recommend it to anybody. I often recommend sports people and anyone with on-going back problems give it a go.

 8. Anything else to add?

You don’t have to believe in miracles for miracles to happen, but it certainly helps to have an open mind. So long as it works, that’s all that matters to me.

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