Case Studies


Brother and sister Brian and Margaret make a four hour round trip, sometimes up to twice a month, to visit Dr Thomasina.

Brian, in his 50s, suffered a back injury and first tried the treatment. He was initially sceptical but left the session smiling and Margaret decided to give it go.

Margaret, in her 70s, said she would even be prepared to travel to Land’s End for Dr Thomasina’s work - as it is the ‘best medical treatment’ she has come across.

Margaret had experienced whiplash in a car crash and had physiotherapy. But she found the treatment was too intense for her. Instead, she finds Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) leaves her feeling loosened and de-stressed.

The computer and marketing consultants are often hunched over their computers and say the treatment helps to release tensions and prevent damage.


1. Why did you decide you needed help?

Brian: I lift heavy boxes of paper and I kept hurting my back. It got to the point where I couldn’t stand up straight or walk properly. It was difficult to put my socks on.

Margaret: I didn’t suffer from any aches, but I find the treatment relaxes you both physically and mentally. I believe it acts as a preventative treatment as much as a cure.

2. How did your condition affect your everyday life?

Brian: I would struggle to sit, stand or lie down comfortably and everything I did was painful. If I moved suddenly, it would cause a violent shot of pain to run down my back. It was debilitating and I couldn’t do very much.

Margaret: I would get tightness across my shoulders from being hunched over the computer.

3. Why did you decide to use Dr Thomasina?

Brian: I had tried heat treatment and manipulation, but I hated my bones being cracked. The NSA approach is very different.

A friend had recommended Dr Thomasina, but as she was based in Bournemouth, I thought she was too far away. I was first treated by one of her colleagues, closer to home, but sadly he passed away. It seemed a natural progression to then have treatment from Dr Thomasina as they had the same training and background.

If you find someone you can rely on and trust, then you will follow them.

Margaret: I had been sceptical but when Brian went into a session and came out smiling, feeling much better, I wanted to try it.

4. How did you find the treatment?

Brian: It’s non-invasive and you keep your clothes on. It’s very relaxing and I could dose off. I always come out feeling relaxed. Sometimes I also have to change the car mirror afterwards as I’m a couple of inches taller.

Margaret: It frees the mental processes as well as being physically relaxing. I have a stressful job and this makes all the difference. You can just feel your body unknotting.

I can’t lie on my front because of my vertigo, so Dr Thomasina treats me sitting up. Still, there are times I think I could sleep during treatment.

If I haven’t been for a while, Dr Thomasina just touches me once and I can feel all the muscles loosening. I always leave the place with a smile and all the tension eased.

5. How has the Dr Thomasina’s treatment benefited you?

Brian: The key result for me is that I’m now more mobile and don’t have any pain. There are other added bonuses, such as feeling more relaxed.

Before, if I did something to hurt my back, I would be in agony for quite some time and would have to take painkillers. Now it gets better overnight as Dr Thomasina has trained the body to look after itself. I no longer have to take painkillers for it.

Margaret: I woke up in agony one morning after twisting my shoulder. But this treatment quickly eased it. It means I don’t have to take painkillers and any aches seem to heal themselves.

NSA de-stresses you completely in body and mind. I wouldn’t stop going at all. If Dr Thomasina moves to Land’s End, I’d probably follow!

6. Would you recommend Dr Thomasina?

Brian: Definitely. It’s a bit of an expedition for us to travel to Bath, but if it didn’t help we wouldn’t go.

Margaret: Absolutely. I have friends who could use her treatment but unfortunately it can be a bit far to travel for some people.

7. Anything to add?

Margaret: Dr Thomasina is a very nice, caring person and takes the time to make sure you are OK when you walk out the door.

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