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Angela - Bristol

Angela found the treatment not only helped greatly ease her back ache, but left her relaxed and ready for her IVF treatment - which proved successful despite the odds.

Angela had suffered with back ache since her early 20s. She had tried a range of massages and osteopathy, but it was only a short-lived relief.

The treatment not only eased the constant physical ache, but had psychological benefits too.

Angela - Bristol

1. Why did you decide you needed help?

I had suffered from backache for over 10 years. I wouldn’t say I was in pain, so much as constant discomfort.

Dr Thomasina asked if there was anything else I hoped to get out of the treatment and I told her about undergoing the IVF treatment, which can be a stressful process. She was very easy to talk to and took everything on board.

2. How did your condition affect your everyday life?

The back ache meant it was sometimes uncomfortable to sit still for long periods of time, including driving – which seemed to make it worse. The IVF treatment itself could be all-consuming and this treatment helped provide a release.

3. Why did you decide to use Dr Thomasina?

She had come highly recommended by a number of people, including Liz Walton [ Link: ]. I then met Dr Thomasina in person and I was impressed with what she had to say.

4. How did you find the treatment?

I found the initial consultation was very thorough and insightful. I felt that she had understood the issues from the start.
The treatment itself is very relaxing and not like any traditional therapy I’ve had. Sometimes I could feel heat in my body and as if an area of discomfort was being deeply worked on, even though she was only using a light touch.

5. How has the Dr Thomasina’s treatment benefited you?

Following a course of 12 sessions, I felt pain free and even more flexible. I had in fact forgotten I’d ever been in any discomfort!

I felt much more relaxed in general and I strongly believe this helped with the IVF process. I felt physically and psychologically ready for the treatment.

Even during the IVF process, doctors were not hopeful and even spoke about how to approach the next round. The odds were stacked against us, but I got pregnant with the first round.

6. Would you recommend Dr Thomasina?

Yes. I believe it’s a treatment you have to try for yourself to truly understand and see the benefits.

7. Anything to add?

I was a little sceptical at first, especially as it seems no real pressure is being applied. However, it worked – and had many added extra benefits.

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